Summer Skills and Art

It’s almost half way through May, I have a good first foothold into summer, and I am determined not to waste these four months away from school.

Aside from seeking employment (summer work or fall co-ops, contact me!), I plan to use my summer to tackle a long list of personal skills I’d like to develop. I hope to develop skills ranging from instruments, to languages, writing, fitness, and of course art. The skill I’ve chosen for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program is oil painting, which I admit I have yet to begin (too bad I can only choose one skill to track!). It’s a daunting medium to jump into, but now is the time to begin tackling the project.

In order to manage learning all these skills and activities in addition to volunteering, working, and traveling I will hammer out a schedule for blog posts, fitness, and art. Coming soon to a theater near you.

In the meantime, here some of the tablet art I worked on today! 😀

Really proud of this self-portrait. The warm up (below) really helped.

bare-portrait yellow-blue-portrait

This was inspired by the colour and landscapes in Steven Universe. This was a warm up/practice piece, and there is much to be improved. I can already anticipate me looking back in a few months at this and cringing at the fact that I published it online.


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