Brain Ramble: Why I Don’t Purchase Art

I never usually purchase artistic prints. I admire many artists, and would love to have their work, but am timid to actually purchase and display their art around my house. This stems from a desire┬áto encourage myself to create my own art for display. Though I want to support the artist I admire, I want to support myself as an artist also. If I want art for my walls I might as well make it myself. I am also worried that my art might become too influenced by other artwork. Though I love being inspired by new ideas, like with Jon Shaw’s work,

Over the summer I fell in love with a few more artists while in a gallery in Gibsons, BC. While there, I caved and bought three small cards featuring some of my favorite artists I’d discovered that day. I gave all those cards away as gifts.

IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0784

I only own 3 pieces of art from other artists, and this art I display in my room are all items that also have alternative utility. I have a vase with Van Gogh paintings on either side, and two bags “upcycled” from old books made by a portland company, Mugwump.

SAMSUNG CSC van goh vase

On Saturday I also acquired a little magnet from Jon Shaw.

mini magnet

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