Cmns 354 week 3 Lecture

Situated action: Objects ‘make real’ and ‘test’ the action that they are made for and the limits of that action. – Lucy Suchman

An object of design is a representation of what designers thought and assumed the object/purpose should be and look like.
Use of objects of design test their ability to execute what we thought that object should do.
If we think solely of function, we may limit our idea of what that object was supposed to be.

Lecture Exercise:
Object related to privacy and security: Lastpass
Objects that do not lash up: waterslide, the beach, a car, bowl, bottle of wine, dog leash, shoes,

Method: taking time to understand the situation to be able to better understand, and re-frame if necessary, the problem.

The design breif

Should lay out problems and opportunities rather than prescribing the final solution. (Kathrina Dankl, p.162 in Style, Strategy and temporality: How to write an inclusive design breif). What is the problem, and what is available in the current situation to address the problem.

Ex/  It is your shopping list, rather than the word “quesadillas.”

1. What is the issue
2. Who is writing the brief / who are you representing as writers of the brief?
3. Who is the design intervention for?
4. What key situational resources and constraints are available to the designer?

Lecture exercise: Who: individuals, companies, organizations, governments, students, children,
What: ability to access, ability to control content creation, dissemination. Control over likeness and intellectual property, control over personal information and information collected about them. Choice over how information is used (maybe responsibility and ownership of information is shared).
Where: Privacy of own home, public space, semi-public space (schools)
When: durring work day, during free time,
Why: want more knowledge, want control, want anonymity,
How: rules that restrict information collection and use, self-policing.

Design Affordances: Things that allow/disallow or encourage/discourage certain behavoir in interaction with object. An example of situational resoures and constraints.

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