CMNS 354 Week 5 Lecture

Hope you don’t think I’m a creep Fred! I draw everything, and today you got caught in the crossfire. I really do like your outfit though.

When we think about history, besides the physical content, there is a separate layer of shared meaning “social imaginary” attached to a history. Shared imaginary is not homogeneous, it is individual and depends on the context of time, place, etc.

Technical Imaginiaries – Dominant and Alternative

Lecture Exercise: Our project: privacy and security – terms of service agreements. I think some technical imaginaries that crop up here are feelings of discomfort, misunderstanding, and distrust on behalf of the individual. Also boredom, exhaustion, and upset feeling that it is unreasonable to expect individuals to read long legal documents. I think this is alternative because it is a bottom-up approach to the problem.


Bolter and Grusin view remediation as very similar to lash-ups. Remediation is how a media draws from other things to become a medium. A medium is a form that is built through remediation of other techniques, forms, social significance.

Ex/ Scott Pilgrim heavily remediates video games in order to reference their form in the comic or movie. The movie is a remediation of a comic book that remediates video games.

Mediation – The importance of designing better mediation rather than erasing mediation.

Skeuomorphism – A derivative object that retains ornamental design cues from structures that were necessary in the original.

Ex/ Apple bookshelf looking like a real bookshelf. When things like the apple watch look like a traditional clock, it clues users into its use and purpose. Does this through the process of remediation.

The opposite of skeuomorphism is to devote design to the post modernist form-follows-function. If watches don’t need the hands of a mechanical wristwatch anymore, it should not use this imagery.

We don’t use a positivist empirical approach to design because it tends to reproduce traditional assumptions about design, the users etc.

Lecture exercise: Eulogizing dead media: The Diorama.


A great light has left the world, having never completely seized its time to shine. Born to Paris, this unique display of illuminated lithograph, created with

light shone on translucent paintings, lived a short life. The Diorama left the popular world as it came into it, quickly and flickering. If there is blame to be cast in this untimely passing, it is to the attention span of the species that created it. A day and night version of translucent image not enough for those with lightspeed attention spans – not even with “two paintings displayed in a half-hour diorama show (usually one natural and one cathedral scene.)” But your presence, though forgotten, left a legacy in cinema and future attempts to remove the medium. The creator once said “The best light for this purpose is a pale sky.” May your spirit always dance among the fresh air and pale sky.

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