Ice Cream Alternative: Vanilla Yogurt with Fresh Pear

Time: 5min  Servings: 1

Hi, welcome to my first post!

I love indulging in tasty food, so much so that I probably don’t subscribe to any specific diets just so that I won’t limit what I’m allowed to consume. On the other hand, I do go out of my way to select food that aligns with what I deem as “healthy eating”. Though not a vegan, I subscribe to the vegan food blogger Chocolate Covered Katie, whose tagline is “The Healthy Desert Blog”. This post is an example of me opting for a healthier – but just as delicious – choice.

yogurt-pear ice cream

Today I was in freezer section of the grocery store, contemplating fulfilling a craving I’ve had for days (after reading this GQ post) about creamy, chocolaty brownie ice cream. I was standing in front of the selection of overpriced “sweet bombs” the article condemned, and thankfully, decided that even though the gourmet delights of Morgenstern’s finest Ice Cream were out of reach, I would not stoop to the level of mediocre substitutes (meaning no ice cream for Therese). Luckily I passed the yogurt isle next and selected this creamy number, along with a fresh pear from the produce section!

Yogurt and pear

Combine and BAM! An easy, delicious, and craving-quenching dessert is born! The pear lends a great toothy texture to this dish, and that yogurt was quite flavorful and creamy! This is dish is a good choice for a snack, dessert, or breakfast.

I’m sure there are many other great yogurt and fruit combinations, and many great ice-cream alternatives to fix the craving. Please tell me your personal favorites in the comments below!


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  1. Therese! This post is great! Props to your will power because I’m pretty sure (100% sure) I would’ve chosen the ice cream (even the cheap kind, because it’s ice cream). Vanilla yogurt and pear sounds pretty good right now though! 🙂

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