Lunch at The Dirty Apron – delicatessen

Today I had the most lovely gourmet lunch at The Dirty Apron. This lunch spot is a cooking school combined with a deli cafe / specialty foods shop.

This was not a cheap lunch, my soup and sandwich coming to a total of $15. However, it was worth treating myself for the quality and delicious flavors. This isn’t your typical soup-sandwich lunch, these flavors are on the next level!  I ordered:

The grilled Prosciutto sandwich: watercress, brie, fig, balsamic onions. $10


A small Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup with croutons. $4 (If they ask “do you want croutons?” the answer is yes. If they ask “do you want a little bit of baguette on the side?” the answer is yes.)

dirty apron soup

This was the soup of the day, which along with their lunch specials and salads, changes daily. It is clear that everything here is prepared fresh in small batches. It’s also nice to see the staff take pride in the food they serve.

Photo credit: nomss
Today the interior has been re-done, ad where the standing racks and cooler have been replaced with more table and wall bar seating. Photo credit: nomss

For food close-ups at The Dirty Apron, see this review on the blog ‘Sherman’s Food Adventures’.

Thank you to Anya, who writes at Little City Musings, for recommending this place! Anya also recommends their pulled pork sandwich, which I’ll have to try another time.


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