Pierogi Party

During my second week in Sweden I hosted a pierogi making and eating party and invited three friends. We made a slightly adapted version of this recipe, and filled them with mashed potatoes, leeks, onion, and cheese. They were delicious! Having the extra hands to roll and fill pierogis was definitely very helpful!


Why Pierogis?

I wanted to have pierogis because I had a lot of fil to use up. Fil is a yogert drink. When a friend in Canada raved about fil I promised to try it when I arrived. I expected something like kefir, but fil (I bought the natural variety) is more like  a very sour, thinner sour cream. After drinking a glass of it straight, I decided that I needed to find other ways to use it up as sour cream.

Why make them from scratch?

I visited three grocery stores here, and none of them stocked frozen pierogis! In fact, upon talking to my classmates from around the world (I spoke with Swedes, Germans, Americans, a Belgian, and an Irish man), NO ONE knew what they were! I’ve also been getting similar confused responses when I describe cabbage rolls. I guess Eastern European food is totally underground here.


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