Art of the Week Nov 11-17

This week was pretty sad in terms of artistic progress. The only art I was able to complete all week amidst my papers was this drawing of Michael Cera on the 15th, during a short 30 minute study break with my roommate.

michael cera

This was the conversation that went along with the drawing:

Me: “Oh! That’s a cool image of Michael Cera, wait, I want to draw it.”

Roommate: “Right now?”

Me: “Yeah, hold on..” (grabs pencil and sketchbook) … “Awe man, I just can’t get his back right.”

Roommate: “Why do you like Michael Cera so much?”

Me: “He’s just a cool guy. I hope that he never ages so that he can get cast as lanky awkward characters forever.”

Roommate: “Haha, oh yeah I guess”

Me: “Yeah, I also hope that he never gets into any scandal like Jian Gomeshi or anything. I want to be able to be his wholehearted fan for a long time.”

The lack of art this week was actually a very good thing, because it meant that I really sat down and worked hard on my two papers due after that weekend. Hopefully I can replicate these results next week also.


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