I Know What You Drew Last Summer

As I’ve mentioned in a few other posts, my challenge to create more art began this summer. In May I landed an amazing co-op job that would send me traveling across the province. In an attempt to take advantage of “beautiful British Columbia,” I decided to commit to practicing my watercolour skills by filling in a small watercolour notebook with paintings as I traveled for four months. Here are some of my favorites:


21 small paintings over four months is not that many. I have always been timid to take leaps of faith with my art. That was one of the reasons I hadn’t done a lot of watercolour before this – it is a medium that likes to flow at its own pace, and mark the paper FOREVER (there’s no going back once you cover up that white). Furthermore, this was the only book I had to paint in over the summer, and I really wanted to make every page beautiful. The fear of making bad art has kept me from plunging into large canvas work I would love to produce. A woman at the East Van Culture Crawl told me that I should just let go of those inhibitions and jump into the creative process. A new friend, whose mother is an artist, was recently telling me about her theory that to enjoy the process is to enjoy the art. I think there is great wisdom in that idea.  This blog has challenged me to commit even more time to my art than I did this summer. I’m so glad I went on this adventure. My next challenge will be to not only tackle big projects, but tackle the creative process itself and learn to love the act of creating.

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