Interactivity Board Game Cafe (Victoria)

Today I visited Interactivity, or as the locals call it “the board game cafe,” and in classic Therese fashion, forgot to take photos. (You wouldn’t believe how many food blog posts don’t get written because I didn’t think to take photos). Luckily, their website‘s photos offer a great feel of the place.

Photo credit: Interactivity website
Photo credit: Interactivity website

Interactivity is in the heart of downtown Victoria. There is a $5 charge to play a game in the cafe with no time limit. Each table has a tab on which you can order reasonably priced sandwiches (averaging at $8) and drinks (chai latte $4), and then you pay for your entire session at the end. The staff are very helpful and really take the time to help patrons find and understand a board game they’ll love. The space is cozy and friendly, with tables spaced just far enough away from each other. The cafe was pretty busy this Sunday at 1pm hosting groups of all ages.

We were one of many pairs in the cafe. I selected a game from the two-player section, and everyone at surrounding tables were playing interesting-looking games. Dad and I eventually played the simple and fun strategy game, Kulami. Dad beat me with his calculated moves, dishing out manipulation and trickery with every turn. My strategy was much more laid-back and spontaneous. Dad came in looking for Iota (recently mentioned on Table Top), but unfortunately Victoria is all sold out of copies, and we left with Anomia instead.

Photo credit: Scolart

The board game cafe (and board game bar) scene in Vancouver is significantly more expansive. I’ll have to try out a few of the places listed here and here. I’ve briefly visited Storm Crow, but they have a two hour time limit.

EDIT (05-21-15): When in Vancouver try Pizzaria Ludica. It’s awesome, great games, service and food. Very popular, nice patio, caters to big groups, and the stone oven pizza is so good that we saw people coming in just for food take out. 2 hour time limit after food arrives at your table.

Featured Image credit: Interactivity’s website

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