Featured Artist: Kerby Rosanes

I just recently came across the artist Kerby Rosanes in a Twisted Sifter blog post. Take a few minutes to peruse his Deviant Art page.

photo credit:  Kerby Rosanes Naussica
photo credit: Kerby Rosanes Naussica

I spent ages scrolling through some of his work. It is all amazing, and I always love a Miyazaki tribute.

photo credit: Kerby Rosanes Handmade
photo credit: Kirby Rosanes Handmade

He creates concentrated little illustrations that pack a punch. Not only is he an amazing artist, but his pieces have great balance, texture and rhythm. Despite the complex and detailed style, many of his works are lighthearted and playful.

photo credit: Kerby Rosanes Black Hole
photo credit: Kerby Rosanes Black Hole

His art reminds me a lot of a sharpie print ad I saw a few years ago. This style captivates me. I stare into the pieces considering the thought and planning that must have gone into creating every potent drawing. There is no filler, the filler is content just as beautiful and detailed as the whole piece. This art is akin to the intricate beauty of the galaxies that comprise the universe.

Art by a similar artist: Cheeming Boey



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