After VanCaf

I should have posted this ages ago! Ok, let’s pretend it’s early June:

Last weekend I traveled to Vancouver to attend the 2015 Vancouver Arts and Comic Festival (VanCaf). I’d been super excited to attend my first con – and one so local and specifically for comic arts! I was not disappointed. I got to meet some of my cartoonist twitter idols, commissioned a piece from one of my favorite artists, and discovered many more great cartoonists.

Vancaf business cardsbecca t tweet my commissionwow-me

Becca Tobin is an artist I follow on twitter, and one of the people I was looking forward to meeting at VanCAF. She was doing $10 monster drawings, and I got to be her first customer! On the left is the beautiful watercolour drawing, on the right is probably what I looked like receiving it.

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