Brain Ramble: Consumerism (Revisited)

The day after I wrote the Brain Ramble piece on consumerism, I heard this segment with Jeanne Becker on Q: The Podcast. I feel that last post left things on a somber and hanging note, but thankfully this post happy solution!

Download Comedian Lewis Black, fashionista Jeanne Beker, singer-songwriter Adam Cohen 09/16/2014 [mp3 file: runs 01:07:00]

The segment begins at 0:21:40, and is a conversation with Jeanne Becker, fashion industry icon, about the political significance of fashion statements. At 0:34:00 they begin to talk about the moving away from ‘fast fashion’ as we become more aware of its implications, and the alternatives that crop up in its place. Options such as second hand clothing, and quality durable items are great ways to make more with less, and to extend the life of the items we consume.

photo credit: thinkretail and Ana Vlgueras
photo credit: thinkretail and Ana Vlgueras

By choosing to buy long-lasting staple pieces, and second hand clothing for things you’re likelier to go through or tire of quickly, you are participating in a shift of values. Wouldn’t it be nice if we celebrated not the ‘latest trends’ (soon to disappear just as quickly), but sustainability being communicated through our life choices – including fashion?

That’s the look I’m aspiring to this coming season.



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