Brain Ramble: Evolving Art on Commercial Drive

This used to be my second favorite mural¹ on Commercial Drive – and one of my favorite in the entire city.

commercial drive mural pre vandalism
Photo credit: Commercial Drive Real Estate

A few months ago I noticed that someone had done some simple vandalism, spray painting a name or something, on top of it. I wasn’t concerned, in the back of my mind I suppose I assumed that the city would clean it up, or that it would stay, and you’d still be able to see the mural underneath. Then recently, I noticed that this had happened: smaller straight

Last week I realized that street art doesn’t work like that. It’s open, public, and vulnerable. It’s also part of the city landscape, which changes and evolves, shaped by its’ residents. Now it seems obvious that this is the way it should and always has been. Sometimes the city changes, and you’ve just got to accept that it’s ok and move on.

It’s already starting to grow on me.


¹By the way, this is my favorite mural on the Drive. (Corner of Venebles)

Photo credit: Through the Looking Glass
Photo credit: Through the Looking Glass

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