Getting pumped for VanCAF

I can barely hold in my excitement for the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival this weekend. Two of the artists I follow on twitter (@beccaandthebox and @eiffelart) are going to be there, and in looking through the event attendees I’ve discovered so many other great artists to look forward to!

vancaf banner

One of my goals for the summer is to continue making art on a regular basis. And it is clear from my posts this past spring that I’ve really gotten into cartooning as an art form. I love it, and VanCAF is a big deal for me. It’s the first art convention I’ve ever attended!

Yesterday I brainstormed the basics for a webcomic I want to start producing. But in the meantime my VanCAF excitement inspired me to do a few little doodles about today. With my new blackwing602 pencil (thanks dad).

art inspiration comic beccy comic

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