Featured artist: Greta Guzek

Amber Merging - Greta Guzek
Amber Merging – Greta Guzek

Last year I discovered BC’s beautiful sunshine coast, and along with it some wonderful local artists. In Gibsons last year I spent a wonderful morning strolling through art galleries along the scenic waterfront, and discovered Greta Guzek. She is easily one of my favorite painters of all time, and I think it is obvious why. The colour, movement, abstract yet tangible shapes all work together to create incredible, lively pieces. Her work not only conveys the beauty of the west coast, but communicates what a happy carefree summers day on BC’s coast feels like.

Bright Spirit - Greta Guzek
Bright Spirit – Greta Guzek

In her own artists statement Guzek writes:

I simplify and distort the forms, enhance the expressive value of colour, and create a rhythm that animates the scene. In this way I develop a visual language that conveys my sense of wonder and materializes the spirit of joy I feel.

I obsess over paintings like these in art galleries. I stare and try to disassemble the artist’s process. How did they layer the colours just so? How did they choose perspective, or highlights or contrast? I had a long chat with the woman in the gallery last year over Guzek’s work. She told me that she had attended a painting workshop by Guzek herself, and said that she began with base colours that will provide good contrast for the subsequent layers, then paints in shapes, and fills it all in, bright and squiggly.

Amazing. The thing I love most about Greta Guzek’s work is how that base layer peeks through along the edges of her shapes. Usually a purple colour, this little touch adds a crisp, yet fun and flowing continuity that ties the whole piece together. She paints with Acrylic.

Surface Ripple - Greta Guzek
Surface Ripple – Greta Guzek

I’m no art critic, and I don’t have any professional art schooling. I just love art, love creating it, and love expressing my enthusiasm for others’ beautiful works.