Blog review: Dolebard, Marketing and Audience

I had such an urge to vlog this post, but then I remembered that I’m still embarrassed from the last time I was on camera, and it would probably take me forever to figure out how to edit through movie maker. Here we go:

Last lecture, we our guest lecturer was Trevor Battye. He works with Clevver media and spoke to us about how we could monetize our blogs. The first thing we learned was that to make any money, we’re going to need an audience. This is where Dylan and Trevor bonded, because Dylan has already started using cross-promotion to draw eyeballs to his site! You’re at a head start Dylan, here’s a refresher of a few tips Trevor gave us in class that you might be able to use on your blog.


1. Get google AdSense

Now it’s easy to feature ad content on your blog, with google AdSense. In just a few moments you’ll be able to set up your account and have ads plugged into your blog! A detailed guide on how to start using google AdSense is available here.

2. Seek out related content you want to promote

Have a theme to your blog? Write about something that draws an audience? Seek out companies that are related to your theme, and offer them ad space! Trevor suggested Dylan seek out ways to gain sponsorship, promotion, or free stuff through games like Magic that he already reviews regularly.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Promoting a product through your site? Think you could include a button that says “buy now” next to it? You can strike a deal with the business that makes the product and earn money through affiliate marketing for each person that uses your site to buy that item. More information on how to do that here.