CMNS 354 week 7 Tutorial

Goal for milestone 2: Present research, not solutions.

In our presentation, take note of what additional research we would have explored if we had had more time.


Capture Life! Photo Experiment

This is an activity as part of a research project for the course Communication 354, Communication and Social Issues in Design. The information you provide will remain anonymous, and will only be used within the course setting. The photos you provide will be used only within the context of the course, and will be destroyed afterward. We do not anticipate this research leading causing any harm to participants.

Please take a photo of, with a short accompanying description of the following:

1. What in your life makes you feel secure where you live?

2. What in your life, where you live, causes you worry?

Please submit your responses by midnight on Sunday, February 28, 2016. Thank you!

IMG_2518 IMG_2519 IMG_2520 IMG_2521 IMG_2523

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