Too Many Cookies

Decorating cookies is always a more elaborate, involved process than you imagine at the outset. Thank you to everyone who came over to help decorate these in the last few days, and to everyone who helped me eat them. I ate far far too many.

The christmassy ones day 1
The Joker and Poison Ivy, the Pride cookie.

Every year I bake sugar, shortbread and gingerbread cookies. This year I have decided that no one really eats enough cookies to justify that amount of baking and decorating. I have so far made 3 batches of sugar cookies, and think this will be all the cookies I make this year. No gingerbread. Dealing with the molasses is always a big production anyway.

My shortbread can never hold a candle to my Grandma’s. Her’s is perfectly crisp, light and flavorful. Hopefully she’ll bring some over for the holidays. With all the coffee table chocolate, sugar cookies, and forthcoming peanut brittle and shortbread, I really should take time out of tomorrow to exercise.

Oh home, your chocolate and couch are just so irresistible.

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