Lunch at Meat and Bread

I’m beginning to understand why Vancouver needs sites like ChowMeNow and Vancity Buzz posts. While these lunches are gourmet and delicious, with incredibly satisfying flavours and textures, they are not cheap – and they attract a crowd to match.

meat and bread exterior

When I walked into Meat and Bread at 1:40pm this afternoon it was packed with two types of people*:

1. Young, creative-type hipsters (the kind that have that polished relaxed look, because everything came new from some urban-21 style store). In packs of 4 or more they come here to kill the long lunch hours of their flexible creative economy jobs (like they all work at buzzfeed or something).

2. Chic 30-something business people in their sharp tailored suits. As they wait in line on their too-short lunch breaks they multitask, talking on the phone or discussing with a colleague the rest of the day’s agenda.

*I took some heavy creative license with these satirical descriptions.
meat and bread bag

The staff were busily preparing fresh all the  sandwich components, and though fast-paced they moved with a practiced efficiency. I took my friend Dlyan’s advice and stuck with the item on the top of their menu: Porchetta – $8.

This place serves food that lives up to it’s name. This sandwich featured bread, meat, and a small drizzle of pesto-like “salsa verde”. The bread was toasted and crispy, the pork was packed with flavour and mixed with bits of crispy pork skin from the method they use to roast the meat. Though it looks like a small sandwich, I was extremely full afterward.

meat and bread sandwich

While I was out I stopped into the Bambo Cafe for a coffee ($2), and ended up picking up a slice of day-old banana loaf ($1). This was a cozy cafe with a down-to-earth vibe. It’s the kind of place that has worn dark wood floors and sells local artwork on it’s walls (I assume, I didn’t take much of a look around. I bet you $2 they do sell local art there though). I’ll have to come back here another day for a full lunch. Their salads ($?) and soup ($4) looked delicious, as did their cookie selection ($2.25). I’m terrible at distinguishing good and bad coffee, but theirs is better than Tim Horton’s in my opinion. It’s smoother and has less of an acidic bite at the back of your tongue (if you know what I mean).

from bambobambo cafe exteriorbambo cafe sandwich board

This is an interesting quote from their website. I wonder what type of disposable summertime cold beverage containers they use:

“Going Green – The cafe focuses on sustainability and we are consistently focusing on sustainability. If you have any suggestions on how we can become more eco-conscious or how we could be doing some things better, we’d be happy to hear about it.”

At the end of the hour, I was full and happy. I did like Meat and Bread, but it was ultimately too expensive, and I would have enjoyed more vegetables with my meat and bread. Not a bad lunch spot at all though.


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