Labour Studies Communication Campaign

Timeline: February – August 2018
Goal: Promote the Major in Labour Studies (Launching September 2018), and improve the program’s communication on the whole.

Communication Plan 

A strategy document for the Labour Studies Program. Solidifies general communication goals and key messages, as well as time-specific actions in advance of the Major launch.

Labour Studies Major Communication Kit 

I created this communication kit for distribution among union communicators and labour publications in advance of the new major’s launch in Fall 2018. It provides copy of different lengths, social media posts, and on-brand images. It was approved by my supervisor and one member from the Labour Studies Advisory Committee.

Social media guidelines 

An email with guidelines for google analytics and twitter to help faculty and staff communicate effectively and consistently on social media, as well as build confidence.


Redesigning the website in alignment with SFU’s Common Look and Feel launched in 2018 was a project I undertook in July and August 2018. It is not yet complete, but will replace the existing website content at the end of August. I made an effort to align the layout of the website with the hierarchy our popular pages based on our Google analytics data.

About this campaign 

My final 7-month co-op placement as the Communication Coordinator for the SFU Labour Studies Program occurred from February-August 2018. Although I had worked for SFU during a previous co-op with the Faculty of Environment, my position with Labour Studies was a significant advancement in the amount of responsibility and autonomy I experienced within the position. A small program, the administrative staff within Labour Studies is very small. Most of the staff works for both the Sociology and Anthropology department and for Labour Studies. Kendra Strauss, the Director of the Labour Studies Program, and I were the only staff employed entirely for the Labour Studies Program.

My position was created in order to prepare for the launch of the Major in Labour Studies in Fall 2018. In practice, I worked to improve the communication of the Labour Studies Program as a whole – advancing their social media, overhauling the website, introducing new email templates, and building relationships with communicators within SFU and in the Canadian labour movement. In this position I conceptualized, wrote and designed more projects independently than ever before. It was important that I be proactive in finding new ideas and opportunities to promote the Labour Studies Program. Knowing that there won’t be a communicator in this position after me, each resource and communication system was created with longevity in mind. This position has challenged me to grow as a professional communicator, and I have gradually become confident in the tile “Communication Coordinator.”


This video was created for perspective students. It was created to communicate in just over a minute an answer to the question “Why choose Labour Studies?” I wanted to create a short video for the Labour Studies Program during my co-op because I knew it would be a high-value piece of content that would last the program many years. Created using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. 

This project allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained in CMNS 387: Digital Literacies and CMNS 357: Audio Media Analysis. I realized that to create video on your own is a lot more challenging than working in a group. I am always working to improve my ability to handle equipment, direct, and interview simultaneously.



Design Templates

Created for a variety of media, these templates afford the program a consistent look and feel, and will save time in the future.

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SFU Hallway Digital Screens