Handling & Storage

Due to the difference in size and weights of the ingredients, some settling of the pre-made mixes may happen in the bags.
To ensure an even distribution of ingredients, mix up each bag thoroughly before planting.
Some ingredients are mixed/packaged fresh or pre-moistened (coconut products, earthworm castings, sphagnum moss, peat moss, mycorrhizae medium). When moist material is kept in sealed bags, it is prone to developing fungus and odours.
To avoid this development, store bags of moist material with the zip top open. Alternatively, transfer the contents to an open container.
Store all mixes and ingredients in a dry area.

Earthworm Castings

The addition of composted organic material produces an environment rich in microbes. Among many other benefits, these microbes improve soil structure, control diseases, and regulate nutrient availability and uptake. They are living organisms which require moisture in order to stay alive. We believe that the benefit of these organisms greatly outweighs the risk of storing moist material.

Our recommendation is to use any mixes with earthworm castings within two to three weeks for maximum benefit. If storing beyond this point, keep in a well-ventilated bag or container and mix weekly to encourage airflow, remoistening as necessary.


Dry long-term storage (beyond two weeks):

    • transfer to a sheet pan or shallow baking pan
    • allow to dry completely in ventilated area or bake at 200°F (95°C) until dry
    • if baking, allow to cool completely.
    • store dried materials in a clean, dry bag or container.

To remoisten dry medium:

    • add one cup (250 mL) warm water per litre of medium
    • mix thoroughly
    • add water as needed until medium is hydrated, not saturated, it should be light and fluffy, but also stay mixed


For Orchid Mix

    • soak for one to twelve (1-12) hours
    • allow to drain before using


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