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***NOTE*** This product is not currently available for pickup or delivery, but we are accepting pre-orders. We are expecting a shipment to arrive by the end of November.***

Lava rock is formed when gasses bubble out of cooling lava, leaving behind a highly porous, igneous rock. It has a number of properties which make it a beneficial soil additive, and is one of the components of the self watering substrate PON. It also makes an excellent top dressing to deter pests.
  • prevents compaction
  • retains moisture without sogginess
  • promotes drainage and aeration
  • increases permeation
  • improves nutrient uptake

Will be available in two particle sizes. Current Pre-Order is for fine particle only, and is approximately the same size as our zeolite and fine pumice.

For pricing on larger quantities, or for any other questions, please send an email to