Art of the Week: November 18-24

This week I did all my art while procrastinating. I got sucked into Netflix (the Dollhouse), which turns into a perpetual loop. As I watch Netflix, I draw, under the rationalization that “I might as well be productive while I watch.” Then, once the episode is done, but I’m still drawing, I think “well, I might as still watch another episode while I finish the drawing.” It is a never ending cycle.

big green and red skytrain station


Daytum Tracking Update

So far, I’ve done a total of 51.5 hours of art this fall. This week, I only squeezed in 2.5 hours of small art drawings. However, I recently attended the East Van Culture Crawl and got very inspired. As you’ll notice I have “0.0” hours logged for Large Art pieces this semester. I’ve never really done any large canvas pieces because I’m always intimidated by their size and the feeling of serious this-art-must-be-good pressure they evoke. Hopefully that will all change soon as I take the leap into larger art works.

art total nov 24 this week nov 24nov 24 art timeline

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