Art of the Week: Dec 2-8

Look at that! An Art of the week post without the motivation of an academic grade! The blog that you’re looking at right now achieved a 90% grade in Pub 101. You can read some of my opinions on the class in my formal review. You can ask me about my other feelings in real life.

This week I painted! MEDIUM ART! It felt awesome. I really like the abstract blotchyness of the water in the first painting, I was inspired by my ‘messy’ style of the sky in the painting leftover from a previous work from high school. The new sky, on the right, will be painted over when I go home and have access to the right colour blue. Right now I’m working with these tiny sample tubes of acrylic, and no medium. I’m running out of white.

These are both only half finished.


In my second painting I got too caught up in the detail of what I ‘think’ it should look like, rather than the actual colours in my photo reference. I either need to go more realistic towards my photo reference, or throw it out the window and adopt a similar blotchy paint style to the first piece.


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