Art of the Week Nov 25 – Dec 1

This week I was supposed to be doing strictly papers and exams, but some art managed to sneak in 🙂 This will be my final tracking post for Pub 101, but I will continue to upload the art I do on a weekly basis. If you appreciate these posts, let me know in the comments, and I’ll keep making them!

I got so passionate about my paper on green marketing, that I needed to express myself visually.

self portrait dec 1 man on stair building sfu openmedia sketch


I did these trading cards as a fun joke for my friend’s new band. These will be the basic starter deck, collect more when they get famous, level up, and learn new skills/attacks. Their band is The War on Light.

miranda playing card 1 michael and clayton trading card

Though I will continue the Art of the Week posts, I will probably stop the tracking graphs. They are too tedious to create and upload. As always, you can view interactive graphs on my progress at Daytum. I’m happy with the amount of art i’ve done this semester – a solid 55.5 hours at least!

Hopefully I’ll tackle a bigger art piece over the holidays!

dec 2 totaldec 2 bars  dec 2

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