Art of the week: Nov 4-10

I did a bunch of drawing last week, but don’t hold me to much the following week. We’ll see how much art I can get done amidst all these term papers.

This week I did a LOT of self-portraits, but a lot in cartoons also! I got inspired by Charles Schulz style drawings. Then I tried to make some pop art with my tablet.

strange face self portraitcant get it rightpeanuts screamingcartoon me  this sweater is the bomb balcony-cityscape  scarf girl pop art

Tracking Update

To date, I’ve completed 49 hours of art this semester. That’s huge! Still no grand big canvas paintings though – oh well, we all have goals. Even though I probably doodled a little in previous semesters, I never kept a sketchbook, and I can tell I’m drawing a lot more now. I’m really happy with my progress. If I had to set another goal (besides to paint on a big canvas), it would be to learn how to create gifs.

I did most of those pencil drawings on the same day, so that’s the huge spark on the final graph. As always, a full interactive report can be accessed on Daytum.

total as of nov 10 nov 4-10 as of nov 10

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