Art of the Week Oct 28 – Nov 3

Wondering where my “art of the week Oct 21-27” from last week is? It doesn’t exist. The only art I did last week was my visual narrative assignment, which I am proud of and you should look at!

This week, I picked up the stylus pen rather than the 4B pencil, and did some digital art! Unfortunately, not a lot of leisure free time art has been going on (asides from making my halloween costume!) , but here is what I made this week:

I went as Zero from The Grand Budapest Hotel for Halloween. I made the hat (counts as art!). My friend here went as “Copyright Infringement Garfield”. No stripes!

me at mdd halloween michelle and I halloween

Guess where I volunteer?

I made this to promote our “trick or treat at the Media Democracy Days office” event on halloween. Only 2 trick or treaters, so we ate all the candy ourselves. Modified from Liz West
Made this banner to promote the Net Neutrality awareness campaign the SFU OpenMedia Club is doing this semester. I am their social media/outreach coordinator. Modified from The free press and


This week I collectively did 7.5 hours of art. Mostly digital, and I classified my hat-making as ‘small art’. As always, you can view my full interactive and statistical report at my daytum account.

nov 1 last week nov 1 tracking

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