Art of the Week: October 13 – 19

I have a secret: almost none of my art is inspired by imagination, most of my drawings are interpretations of images I find while I’m browsing the internet.

Here is where I drew my inspiration from this week:

Bearded man in a touque

The drawing on the left is just one in an amazing series by jo in hyuk. I love how the shading is portrayed in crisp, geometric line patterns, and the depth of the beard, the watercolour shirt, and especially the sadness in his eyes takes my breath away. My interpretation made this bearded hipster look like a timid child.

beard hat combo

Bust a move – Young MC

This girl and her body-twisting is one of the first things you see when you watch the video, so you only have to watch for a few seconds (but I bet you’ll let the song run it’s length so you can dance to this throwback tune).
bust a move

Young citizen of the world

This young beauty begins her segment at 2:01 in the video. I don’t think I was able to capture her youthful cherub-esque sweet face. In my drawing she looks older, more seasoned, like she has lived through a war and would be responding to the questions asked in this video with an entirely different perspective on life.

world govt vid drawing

Deedee Magno Hall – Is on fire

What inspired me here were the bright yellows and reds that appear on her skin in the video, contrasted with the blue drapes behind her.


“This sweater doesn’t look as luxurious as it feels”

This is the sad realization I had today about a very cozy sweater of mine. My drawing is on the right. I am still learning the basics of photoshop and tablet drawing, a challenging skill to pick up. It took he so much longer to create this image than it would have to draw, ink, and watercolour this by hand.

The style is inspired by this drawing by Brian Lee O’Malley, who created Scott Pilgrim. I found the his drawing (on the left) on his (now defunct) flickr page. Brian Lee O’Malley does have a tumbler here, but I could not find this image. Apparently it is a drawing of a character named ‘Hazel’ from his graphic novel ‘Seconds’, which I have never read. It is a very cute drawing though.

brian inspired combo

Art Tracking this week:

Wow Therese, 9 hours of art this week?! Where do you find the time? You don’t want to know. I’ve been making great use of my sketchbook, and this is the first week I’ve made a real drawing with my tablet and photoshop. Hopefully I’ll get a lot faster at it with experience.

Even though these sketchbook works are about the same size as that drawing of the house I classified “medium art” a few weeks ago, because the art is in the less-formal binds of a sketchbook, I am choosing to classify sketchbook art as “small art”. Having 60 sheets of sketchbook pages, and the next work only being a flip away, makes this medium feel like it carries a lot less pressure to be presented, as my stand-alone “medium art” and “large art” pieces do.

oct 19 daytum oct 20 bars

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