Blog design treatments

After Peter Cocking’s lecture, I started to think about how I could improve the readability of my blog. I immediately made a few changes. Beyond what Peter Cocking said about blog appearance and design, what really has motivated me to alter my design is the wonderfully clean and professional appearance of my posiel peers`blogs.

I made these changes:
  • Re-oriented my title image, moving the search bar to let my title occupy the entire space.
  • Changed my font from serif to sans serif to improve readability.
  • Switched to a simpler serif heading font.
  • Removed the red from the sidebar headings.
  • I changed my background. The yellow felt a tacky to me before, and this one matches my blog`s theme better.
Design flaws I’m keeping
  • I mix serif headings with sans serif text. Though this was on Cocking’s `don’t list, I like the serif in my title, and I want my headings to follow a similar style.
  • My new background is pretty active, and might pull readers eyes away from my content.


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