Co-op competition and thoughts on Authority

I’m a big fan of lived experience. Formal and independent education are important, but I feel most comfortable as an authority of my lived experiences.

I am doing co-op as part of my degree, and so far I love the co-op experience. Last summer I completed my first co-op term. I had a great time, and learned a lot, but one of my favorite outcomes of co-op is that I am now an authority on that experience. I lived it, I know the ins and outs of that job, and I can tell a great story about it.

As I explain in the video, my co-op job allowed me to travel BC to promote recycling programs, specifically product stewardship programs. While this video does not specifically touch on how to become a better recycler, I have written these recycling articles for other blog sites: What You Need To Know About Environmental Packaging and 5 Things You Need To Know About Stewardship. You can also use the great recycling resource, and contact the bcrecycles hotline/email for specific questions.

This September I participated in the SFU 3 minute Co-op Competition, and told my story:

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