Bonus review: Justin’s Blog

I misread the posiel assignment description. Rather than writing a review of a peer’s first essay, I reviewed a peer’s blog in general. Bonus tips for Justin I suppose!

92 til infinity small headder

This is a blog review for Justin, who writes at 92 ’til infinity. I focused my review on appearance and ease of navigation. As far as theme goes, I think 92 ’til Infinity does a good job. I drew my first impression of the blog from the Instagram photos on the sidebar, which I think really sum up visually what is written in the ‘about’ section. It definitely helps communicate that this is the blog of a “sneaker connosseur”, and ties in the post about the trip to Portland. I’m excited to see how your the topics on this blog evolve throughout the fall.

The blog layout is very crisp and minimalist. I especially like how the titles add a pop of orange colour, adding to an overall orange, blue, white, and grey colour scheme. This is aided by the blue in the instagram photos in the right sidebar, and also looks great when blog posts feature photos with pops of orange, such as those in the Nike post. I like the menu because it is clean and crisp like the rest of your theme. My only suggestion here would be to consider re-naming the “tracking” category title to something more descriptive, like “fitness tracking”.

Justin's colour scheme


Because the reader jumps right into full blog posts posted on the homepage, I crave a little bit of introduction to help ease the reader into the content. I would suggest adding a personal touch to the face of the blog – perhaps by attaching a short photo and about blurb on the sidebar using something like the ‘feature a page widget’ plugin. I really like the logical order of the sidebar widgets. The placement of the instagram photos part way down the sidebar acts like a reward when the viewer scrolls past the fold. However, the instagram photos are a great eye draw, and 92 ’til infinity might benefit by moving this section to appear above the fold on most computers.

I also noticed that the homepage will show me 6 posts, and then stop altogether. Is there a way to create pages on the homepage so that readers can continue reading older posts without having to look in archives?

Photo Citations. It was mentioned in lecture last week how important it is to find creative commons photos and to reference them properly. You can make this look streamlined by typing this into the caption: Photo Credit: <a href=”insert link here”>Name of where you found the image</a>

92 til infinity small headder
Photo Credit: Justin’s blog, 92 ’til Infinity


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