Remix: Madison

For my Remix project I’m re-interpreting a song I’ve liked for years. Every time I listen to it images play out in my mind, and here I’ve sampled them for you along with my thoughts.

photo credit: Chris Merritt Music
photo credit: Chris Merritt Music

Madison – Chris Merritt

(There isn’t a good version available on YouTube, so please use this link to listen to the song on TheSixtyOne – which I wrote a previous post about here)

Wes’s little sister

This song tells the story of the singer’s innocent childhood crush on his best friend’s sister, Madison. The song perfectly embodies the lightweight fun feeling of childhood, with the clumsy feeling of an elementary school love.

all 3

Goin’ to jam

Chris Merritt is a musician, and he actually kind of looks like Schroder from Peanuts. The piano and bassline are also very Schulz-esque, so I thought it was a fitting theme. I’d always thought the line was “going to gym / sleeping only seven feet away from your mattress”, like at a sleep-away school camp or something.

photo credit: peanuts wikia and Charles M. Schulz
photo credit: peanuts wikia and Charles M. Schulz

Maddie you and me and Wes should get a movie or somethn’

Throughout the song Chris attempts to get Madison alone by suggesting they go see a movie. Kind of like a date – but with your brother Wes there also of course…

piano and a movie

Drive to your house, and walk in the front door

This line has always reminded me of this illustration from “I’ll Love Your For Always” by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw. It’s possible to interpret this song imagining that eventually Chris grew up, and was able to drive to her house. In my mind his mom drives him over, but he still says it this way because it sounds cool and mature.

photo credit: Life with Zoey and Robert Munch and illustrator Sheila McGraw
photo credit: Life with Zoey and Robert Munch and illustrator Sheila McGraw

I think I’m hearing some / Ben Folds from your room / You’ve locked yourself away / with the dog and nobody else

Ben Folds is a pop piano musician that creates music very similar to Chris Merritt. Is he jealous of her listening to Ben Folds? Did he introduce her to his music? What does Ben have that Chris doesn’t have? Does he create similar music to impress Madison and win her heart? We’ll never know.

ben folds


The End


I wish I hadn’t looked up the lyrics for the completion of this assignment.. Now I’ll know forever that the second line is “and I still had a rat tail” rather than “and I still haven’t rapped him”.

The last, puzzling line is “Madison you’re better off alone”, which I couldn’t bring myself to illustrate, sacrificing what could be a happy ending to a happy song. Maybe it means that if he can’t have her, no one should.

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