Stadsparken Skördefest

Today I had a lovely day at Skördefest, the harvest festival, at Lund’s Stadsparken. The Stadsparken is amazing. It takes my breath away every time I walk through. It reminds me of a smaller, cozier, more user-friendly Versailles with awesome playgrounds for children. The playgrounds are amazing. It has a giant pyramid web, a sand-dune landscape section, fantasy castle buildings, swings, and a water fountain area.

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So this morning I rode my bike the short distance to Stadsparken, and walked around the harvest festival. There were a lot of people selling jam, fruit, vegetables, some crafts, etc. I bought a few pears and apples from one vendor, and then picked up a fried doughnut ball that was similar to the Johnny Cakes that the Reef restaurant makes, except that one of their varieties was filled with a chunky apple sauce. It was delicious. A little expensive as a fika option at 20kr, but it’s my birthday and I’m having the fair experience. I waited in the hot dog line for a while, but decided that it would take a really long time, and I decided to just go to the store and find wieners and ketchup myself.


I arrived home and ate my hot dog and apple lunch. The apple blew my mind! It was the most sweet, fresh and crispy apple I’ve had in a long time -years maybe. So after cleaning my house for a bit I decided to go back to the fair before it closed at 4pm.

I bought more apples, this time buying two apple varieties (I forget their names!) One started with an A, the other with an S. The saleswoman didn’t speak English, and unfortunately my Swedish isn’t good enough to explain to her that the apples were so good that I was back for more!

img_4350 img_4353

Afterwards I walked around looking to see if there were any other snacks I should try. Most places were sold out, expensive, or packing up, so I went back to the spherical doughnuts! This time they were out of the apple filled ones, but the plain donuts were served with a big spoonful of peanut butter!

As I was standing there eating my messy peanut butter doughnut I ran into two friends, and embarrassingly shared that this was in fact my second doughnut of the day. Gluttony is a skill, and I work hard at it. They told me about these great 20kr tote bags! I use my Lund tote as a wall decoration, so I’ve been looking for a functional one from Lund!

Tonight I’m having a potluck that will include tacos! Very excited.

More photos of Stadsparken. The hedge photo is actually a small hedge maze! It’s very small though, built for children or gnomes.

img_4102 img_4091 img_4081 img_4080

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