How To Tweet Like A Cartoonist

It’s no secret that I’m an aspiring illustrator. Everyone knows that handling your twitter feed with grace is half of what being a cartoonist means. I am convinced that these people are 100% having the most fun on twitter. Here’s how to do it:

 1. Tweet about procrastination, and food as a distraction.

Drawing is literally these people’s sole job. It allows their twitter feeds to be the most entertaining things you’ve ever seen. It’s 50% sketches they upload, and 50% random stories and posts about food, and being lazy. When you are a cartoonist you don’t have to worry about being responsible, or getting flack from anyone. You can post whatever you want! You’re a cartoon genius! You have a secure job as the creator of Adventure TIme or Bee & Puppycat!

A random selection from Pen Ward’s recent tweets:pen ward twitter

pen ward twitterpen ward tweets

pen ward twitterpen ward twitterpen ward twitterSome of Nat Allegri’s recent tweets:

nat allegri tweets

2. Tweet cartoons about the process of procrastination, and about procuring food for yourself.

Here’s one I did a few months ago:

procrastnation cartoon

3. Tweet rapidly, humorously, about small events in your daily life.

A classic way to tweet like a cartoonist is to post 3-8 funny tweets one after another on the same topic. Look, I did it here with my secret love addiction for Special K. Notice how my tweets are also about food = bonus points.

special k tweets

4. Tweet your travel plans

When cartoonists travel it’s often to attend cons and exhibit their work. Leading up to the event, tweet about your excitement. Tweet about which local comic artist you’ll be staying with in the Con city. Tweet a photo of the event’s map that you have drawn your face and an arrow on to signify which table you’ll be set up at.

Most importantly, tweet at least once per hour during travel. Use twitter to fight off boredom in the airport and while on the plane before the stewardess tells you that you must put your phone away.

Here are some recent tweets from VanCAF exhibitor Katie Shanahan’s twitter:

katie travel tweets 3katie travel tweets 2katie travel tweets 1

5. Tweet your art

Regularly post some eye candy for your followers. Especially little doodles and sketches you do throughout your day. Fans can find your professional portfolio or tumblr any day, these tid bits are for the real fans.

Tiffany Ford does a good job of this on her tumblr.

Pen Ward napkin art:

pen ward bagel comic


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