Trip to Gdansk

November 17-19 I went to Gdansk, Poland with friends Marie and Alex. I’ve never taken such a spontaneous trip. Just a week before we went Alex drew our attention to the cheap Wizz flights from MMX to GDN. They were only 378kr round trip ($55 CAD). While we were in Gdansk we stayed at an Airbnb, ate out at lots of great restaurants, and went to see a symphony performance, and it was all incredibly inexpensive!

We spent almost all of our time exploring the old town. There was some really cool street art in the underground walkways under the major roads.

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I was particularly interested in the history museums. Much of Gdansk was destroyed by bombing during the second world war. It was incredible and heart-wrenching to see the exhibits displaying photos of Gdansk before destruction, in ruins, and then finally rebuilt by the early 1960s. One of the history museums I visited also had some salvaged and restored rooms. My photographs of course could never capture the opulence of these rooms. It is a great tragedy of museum visiting that each specimen is so meaningful that you become overwhelmed with attempting to absorb and process it all.

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FOOD: It’s too bad that I won’t be doing any more traveling in Eastern Europe during this trip, because it was an absolute joy to eat out at such inexpensive beautiful restaurants with such lovely food. Caution to vegetarians: There were only one or two vegetarian menu options at each restaurant.

img_5138 img_5209-2

I was consistently impressed with all the food, but with Alex’s meals especially. I was always jealous of his orders. My wild boar beacon (on the stone plate) was delicious, but wow Alex’s ribs were outstanding.

img_5195-2 img_5133-2

We actually didn’t eat many pierogis! I was really looking forward to them, but we ended up having so much other good food that I only ate a few bites of dessert pierogi one night. It was very messy, as you can see from this attractive photograph. Below is a photo of an amazing pistachio mousse.

img_5194-2  img_5135-2


The Gdansk Philharmonic orchestra was fantastic. On our first night we ate at a restaurant on one of the canals, and across the water we spotted the orchestra. The next day over lunch Alex suggests getting tickets (only $15CAD!). Alex was nice enough to walk over and get tickets while Marie checked out cathedrals and I went to the history museum. Later he was nice enough to fall asleep in the middle of the performance, and we were in the second row! The first act was an incredible 21 year old pianist, accompanied by the orchestra.


Thanks Alex and Marie for a fantastic trip!


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