Labour Studies Video: Why Choose Labour Studies?

I wanted to create a short video for the Labour Studies Program during my co-op because I knew it would be a high-value piece of content that would last the program many years.

This project allowed me to apply the knowledge I gained in CMNS 387: Digital Literacies and CMNS 357: Audio Media Analysis. I realized that to create video on your own is a lot more challenging than working in a group. I am always working to improve my ability to handle equipment, direct, and interview simultaneously.

Terry Fox Foundation Video

This video was created in the course CMNS 387: Special Topics – Digital Literacies in CMNS. The course focused on digital storytelling for non-profit organizations. It was a pleasure to work closely with the Terry Fox Foundation in creating this video, and we were fortunate that they allowed us to use b-roll from their footage collection.

I worked with three other students on this project. My contributions were very widespread. I was involved with all of the interviews, editing, b-roll filming, and title animation creation.

*Video not yet approved for public release. Please contact me for access.

Granville Time Lapse

This is my first attempt at time-lapse using an intervalometer. I took photos at 5 second intervals, but during the last bit I was loosing the light so I lengthened the shutter speed, and changed the interval to 8 seconds. You can see the change because at 8 seconds the Woodwards “W” rotates smoothly.